Friday, November 14, 2014

The resolution of a relationship

I don’t  post readings I do for others as a norm, but lately I have the need to do so. This Lenormand reading was for a woman asking what will be the resolution of a relationship she is, after having a heart to heart conversation with her man? 

Mountain + Garden + Stork
Snake + Cross + Sun
Child + Coffin + Ship

Taking the Cross as a central card, I see that after having a heart to heart conversation among each other, both will face lots of sacrifices and compromises through their decision.

Combining the Child/Snake/Mountain indicate the past of the relationship in which have been very difficult, slow progress and very lonely during its duration.

With the combo of Mountain/Cross/Ship these are in route to self seclusion while finding their own answers about themselves and the relationship. However, this seclusion will be only for a short time.
Combining the Ship/Mountain this indicated the talk about an exile or time frame among each other. With the Ship/Cross this movement is very sentimental and the final step among each other.

However, I don’t see the end of the relationship at this point and through this draw of cards.
Combining the Cross/Child/Stork this shows a moment of truth/communion among each other, causing a positive relief with the change and new agreements within each other.

Combining the Cross/Snake/Sun these cards indicate the resolution and relief about critic issues alone with fears that have gone out of control for a while within each other.

Combining the Garden/Cross/Coffin in here I see the dynamic of sacrifices or uncertainty it have come to an end among each other. As well I see that the couple is recovering from the sincere conversation among each other, since both keep the faith in working their issues.

I also looking at the Stork/Sun/Ship cards as future, I see positive changes in which obstacles will be survived and the relationship will come out victorious through this rough path. Using the Ship as timing and this one having the no. 3 on it, I will say that it will be a final resolution of this event within 3 months. So lets see the outcome from this relationship by February 2015.

Cards: Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Wedding Dream Through The Tarot

           High Priestess 1I have vivid dreams very often but each one of them left me wondering the clues that baffles me to the point of leaving me worrying a lot. This dream is not exception as I see myself in ways I haven’t see myself in years—wearing a wedding dress.

     In the dream I found myself in a great park with some kind of restaurant in the background. I was wearing a beautiful vintage white wedding dress that was tight to my body silhouette with dropping shoulders sleeves. The dress somehow reminded me of the High Priestess in the Tarot but instead the dress was totally white. I keep working towards this restaurant, I saw few tables covered with white cloths and people started to be seated around them. It felt like I knew these people as I started to hug everyone around this particular table. Suddenly, I saw this couple from which in real life I dislike very much for their negative and hypocrite behavior towards me. I tried to ignored them and as I turn my back on them, when the man tried to grabbed my left arm but instead he left on my sleeve what appears to be 3 marks of black grease from his fingers.

I got upset for the stain, while this older woman told me, no worries I will give you $75 for you to get the stain out from the dress. I kept looking at the marks and heard a voice from the background saying “They are trying something new, be careful with them”. I got startled by the voice, I looked back seeking for the couple but they were gone, right after I found myself on my bed wide awake from this dream.

Trying to find some clues in why I have this dream, I search the internet for spread suitable for dream interpretation. I found a dream spread by Moontoadie. Consist of 6 cards, place in pairs over each other. Instead of using 6 cards, I used 12 cards with the same concept as Moontoadie spread. The first line of cards (1-5) Set the dream theme, second line (6-9) What my subconscious is telling me? and last line (10-12) What action should I take in light of this information?

Wedding Dream Spread

   As I looked at the cards, for certainty the 10 of Pentacles set the theme of the dream in which it was about a wedding, that sense of acquiring happiness and financial security that this card give. The Strength card I always see it with karmic connotations but refereeing to the dream, I gather that in order to get to the road of happiness or financial abundance—patience is a must to have while dealing with daily life. The 9 of Pentacles shows me the end/beginning of a cycle of life—what a way to start life!  A wedding, OMG not again! LOL Now the Page of Swords, felts like the person that told me to be careful as they are trying something new while the King of Pentacles, reflect the man that put his grease fingers over my sleeve trying to stop me from going to a certain table.

   Now it gets more interesting while looking at the second set of cards, in which is a message of my subconscious. The Fool, reminds me of na├»ve behavior from my part at times, as well the new sense of a new journey or cycle of life. The 4 of Cups, advise me to focus in one thing at the time instead of worrying on other people’s welfare. The Ace of Pentacles is an indication of new beginnings perhaps new opportunity of work, while the 9 of Rods is showing me to stay guarded while moving on with my life to a better career. Looking at these cards reminds me how worry I felt in the dream when my dress got a grease stain and how apprehended I felt when I saw that couple I don’t like. Obviously, my fears are unfounded and I should focus only on my journey.

What should I do after having all this information? The 6 of Swords, its advised me to walk away from my fears and my constant thoughts of someone be up to something against me or the ones I care for. It’s time to make a decision in reference of what path I need to follow as the 2 of Swords makes its presence. The last card The Star, it makes me to wish for a better life and that I should aim high for what I want to accomplish in life while seeking abundance and happiness.


In the dream the $75 dollars were mentioned while being offered for cleaning the dress. 7+5=12=3 The number 3 is about past present future, this number also represent The High Priestess in the Tarot, symbolizing the subconscious mind. Is the connecting link to the subconscious through which we must pass in order to use our conscious potential—the conscious mind. Number 3 as a temporary vibration is about growth, travel, entertainment and self-expression.

Now, if we take the numbers separately, number 7 is represented by The Lovers cards in which is about agreements, partnerships and marriage. While the number 5 represented by The Hierophant card which is the inner teacher, our intuition. Also take in account that no. 5 is about changes, communication, new interest and travel.

In my dream, its obvious that I wish for better life and new beginnings but to get to manifestation, I need to let go of fears, focus in one thing at the time and aim for high things that will enhance and nourish my soul. Funny thing is that I have this dream the day I registered for college starting this fall in which is a new start into a new career.

Adding all the cards, the result is 555=15/6—According with the book of Numerology and The Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker the numbers 15/6 are represented by The Devils Card. The temporary vibration of this number is about indecision, bondage, freedom, laughter and discernment. It also shows opportunity of progress by radical change in lifestyle.

This dream was a wake up call indeed for which I need to stay guarded and focus in what I want to manifest, after I start college I will see how far this change in lifestyle will take me to my ultimate goal. :)


This dream became indeed a prophetic dream, from which I am glad I acted upon it. Its funny how it developed, the fact that I saw the couple I dislike and how he left 3 fingers of black grease over my white sleeve. About week after my dream, my car came close to emission testing. My friend who is related to the couple I dislike, tried to fix the car but made it worst. He insisted of me allowing to have my car check by his brother (man who left 3 fingers of grease in my dream). I was not happy with the choice but my car needed to be fix in order to have my tag's sticker good for next year. Reluctantly, I left my car in his shop and sure enough he called after worth asking for "$300 dollars" to fix the problem.

When I heard of the $300, the vision of the dream in which he left 3 fingers of grease on me came to mind. I told my friend to tell him that Thank you but I will take my car to another mechanic. The man got upset and that same night I got my car back. In my mind all I think is how 3 fingers of grease turn into $300 dollars. I was upset to say the least, I found another mechanic and embraced myself for a bigger bill. This new mechanic charged me $112.74 and told me that the car got the wrong spark plug and loose hoses and ready to pass inspection. Sure enough the car passed the emission test and when I went to DMV, they charged me $75 for the car sticker (remember, old woman giving me $75 to clean the dress from grease). So far this dream lived up to its development.

Now, the only thing that needs to come to life is the part in which I heard a voice saying that the couple in the dream are up to something new to be careful with them. So far I keep my distance from them and try at all cost to not acknowledge their presence. If another development comes from this dream I will post in this blog.. so stay tune.. more to come.. :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Lovers Card?..Not necessary about love..

     LOD The Lovers031
     For most people the first impression on this card, would be about romance. However, every time I come across this card, the feeling is not about love or romance but about agreements, unfulfilled contracts and communication problems among two people. Thought the use of numerology, I have noticed that when this card shows up, there will be something that will go wrong somehow.

    Taking for example this past April 6th, in which was represented by this card. The day started with the news that someone complained about who is doing laundry for the other, becoming a deal breaker among friends. Right after, I set the ground rules with my friend in how the day will be spent, before is time for me to head to work, since we were using his car instead of mine. Sure enough, the time allotted for his priority was more than we expected, as consequence I missed a day of work. I totally ignore this day as a fiasco, until The Lovers card showed up again on April 15th.

TAROT The Lovers Path  LOVE

        On this day, before I head out to work, I gave some money to my friend to buy groceries. I expressed not to use all the money as I got other food I would like to buy later on. Went to work as usual and found out that others at work encountered problems with obeying house rules and seems like everything was not working for anyone in the way was supposed to be. Came back home, found the first deal breaker; the purchased of groceries didn’t go as it was plan and even ended up with food I didn’t ask for. To top it up, I ended up cooking and my friend ended up real sick unable to eat anything I cooked for supper that day.

There 2 days in this month so far that The Lovers are represented through numerology and I see clear the pattern of what The Lovers cards can bring. The next time will be on April 24th, 2012 and I am sure I will be ready for anything is throw at me.

Cards: Lovers from Legacy of Devine by Ciro Marchetti, Love card from The Lover’s Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 2012 by Vibrational Tarot/Numbers

       It’s all about numbers and we all connected through the energy that each number have. Numbers is an Universal language through the ages. Use through Astrology, geometry and so on; even your name have the vibration of numbers. More over, computer language is by numbers. You might see words and pictures in your computer but when you go to the source all you can see is zeros (0) and ones (1).

   For quite a while, I have being fascinated with numbers as well with the Tarot. I have put to the test the connection of numbers and Tarot since January of 2012. Coming to a discovery that have helped me to plan my days more accordingly. The Mayor Arcana repeats itself in cycles of 9 over and over through the months and years. Meaning, that you can expect certain events but with different situations and outcomes, since you free will have a great participation in how you turn events through those cycles.

For example, when you take today's date and add all its numbers, more likely you come to 2 digit number that needs to be reduced to one digit. For example April 17th, 2012 (4+17+2012)=4+17+5=17/8. If you take the number 17, its represented by The Star Card, but when reduced to a single number (1+7=8) the 8 number represents The Strength card. I believe both cards should be taken in consideration, despite popular believe. This is because both became connected through the day one way or another. Look at the calendar and plug in, what events happened through your day and be amaze.

The following is the entire month of April, represented by a Tarot Card: (copy and print)

Sun-4-1-2012=10=1 W Fortune (10) Magician (1)

4-2-2012=11=2 Justice (11) H Priestess (2)

4-3-2012=12=3 Hanged Man (12)Empress (3)

4-4-2012=13=4 Death (13) The Emperor (4)

4-5-2012=14=5  Temperance (14)Hierophant (5)

4-6-2012=15=6 The Devil (15)The Lovers (6)

Sat-4-7-2012=16=7 The Tower (16)The Chariot (7)

4-8-2012=17=8  The Star (17) Strength (8)

4-9-2012=18=9  The Moon (18)The Hermit (9)

4-10-2012=10=1 W Fortune (10)The Magician (1)

4-11-2012=11=2  Justice (11) H Priestess (2)

4-12-2012=12=3  Hanged Man(12) Empress (3)

4-13-2012=13=4  Death (13)The Emperor (4)

4-14-2012=14=5 Temperance (14)Hierophant (5)

4-15-2012=15=6  The Devil (15)The Lovers (6)

Mon-4-16-2012=16=7  The Tower(16) The Chariot (7)

4-17-2012=17=8  The Star (17)Strength (8)

4-18-2012=18=9  The Moon (18)The Hermit (9)

Thu-4-19-2012=19=10=1  Sun(19)WFortune(10) Magician (1)

4-20-2012=11=2  Justice (11)  H Priestess (2)

4-21-2012=12=3  Hanged Man (12) Empress (3)

4-22-2012=13=4  Death (13)The Emperor (4)

4-23-2012=14=5  Temperance (14)Hierophant (5)

4-24-2012=15=6  The Devil (15) The Lovers (6)

Wed-4-25-2012=16=7  The Tower (16)The Chariot (7)

4-26-2012=17=8  The Star (17) Strength (8)

4-27-2012=18=9  The Moon (18) The Hermit (9)

Sat-4-28-2012=19=10=1 Sun(19)WFortune(10)Magician (1)

4-29-2012=20=2 Judgment (20)H Priestess (2)

4-30-2012=12=3 Hanged Man (12) Empress (3)

The Star Card

The StarToday's April 17, 2012=17/8

   The vibration energy of The Star card, is about good fortune, rewards, travel, meditation---today is a day to wish for best time and wish BIG as the sky is the limit. Here is the time to put your worries aside and just wish away.. Thoughts are not just thoughts--they are creation of your subconscious that becomes a reality or manifestation later on.. so keep dreaming and wishing--rise your energy through this day..

  This card repeats itself 3 times through the month of April, the next time will be on April 26th, 2012. Every time The Star card shows in a cycle during the month, is always followed by The Moon card and The Sun card on the next 2 days. This makes me think that always after a great day, comes a day of uncertainty or despair; and right after comes the best day that cause a balance, which is reflected in The Sun card.  So go ahead and enjoy this day!